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They say air strikes have intensified, with more powerful weapons, since the new offensive began. Planes also continued to pound residential areas on Sunday, flattening buildings, rebels and residents said.
John Kirby, a State Department spokesman, said in a statement the department \"strongly disputes\" the claim of interference. Clinton repeatedly said last year she never sent or received classified information, but now says she did not do so knowingly since the release of the FBI findings. The employee, who worked on the screening process, said there was pressure to obscure the fact they were finding classified information in the messages.
You attract prospects by offering great content, and usually something free, such as an e-book, special report, mp3 or other audio file, subscription to your tips of the week, or something of perceived value that will encourage the people that you want to market to - to give you their contact information. Your marketing funnel permits you to attract many, many people and direct them down through your sales process.
A State Department employee, whose name was redacted, told investigators they believed senior department officials interfered with the screening of Clinton`s emails for public release last year in a way that helped Clinton.
Your email messages should ideally reflect your brand. Consider creating one if you do not presently have a template for your email messages. Moreover, when you do send the periodic broadcast message for special announcements then it will grab their attention because it looks different from your standard newsletter. If you provide a consistent format, they`ll feel more invested in the material. Your readers also need to know what to expect.
Before you enter this data, you may want to be sure your service is secure
while you are filling out the form. If not, you may be transmitting your
password in the clear, which means it could be intercepted by an evildoer. Basically, before you press the SUBMIT
button, see if the URL begins with \"https\" or the little lock is shown in a
locked position. It`s easy to set this up once you`ve settled on a service. They will need
you to enter your email address, account name, password and POP server name.
\"The Assad regime and with direct participation of its ally Russia and Iranian militias has escalated its criminal and vicious attack on our people in Aleppo employing a scorched earth policy to destroy the city and uproot its people,\" a statement signed by 30 mainstream rebel groups said on Sunday.
The Intercept, an online news site whose founding editors were the first to publish documents leaked by Snowden, released on Monday, May 16, the first batch of nine years` worth of the newsletters, which offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the NSA
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