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The 3 Greatest Moments In Angela Giles History
Passionate - this is the one word which describes Angela. Whatever she does, who she meets, and where she goes, her enthusiasm for connecting and also talking with people is actually front and center. This inborn drive has led her down an enjoyable but crazy career path. From her very first, really embarrassing time onstage in middle school, to talking before large audiences about a range of topics today, she has often had a strong message to share...
A 13-year background of proven performance in the realm of communication enhancement, marketing strategies and connections are boasted by Angela. She is bottom-line results-driven and also allows her audiences speed up their communication profitability through private contacts. These connections discover all channels which range from person-to-person to internet social media, as well as the written word to video tutorials, webinars and podcasting.
Learn Angela`s secrets for cultivating connections plus enhancing engagement to increase sales or simply to improve your quality of life. Pick up the Communication Currency message by plugging into Angela`s podcast message, subscribing to be given notice of the next live appearance of her or perhaps hiring her for the next event of yours!
Angela lives in Nevada with her down-to-earth hubby, Allen, and also their three boys who always keep her on the feet of her. When she isn`t sleeping, she`s in passionate pursuit of finding who need assistance leading productive and happy lives. Angela is an avid reader and also loves communicating with folks making use of her gift of connecting through communication.
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